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Welcome to the European page. In this page we have covered all the countries which fall under the European category. The current state of the public toilets is in a good level in all of these countries. The government and the public take good care of these toilets. They are also handling them with great responsibility. This has been made easy to all the government to maintain the toilets well. If you are visiting Europe you will be able to find many public toilets in Streets, Supermarkets, Public parks and many other places. All of these are free of Charge to use.

As we started this project in Europe there are details of many public toilet locations in Europe in our map. But our goal is to go deeper into it. This is in order to provide you with the best service possible. You have a key role to play here as well. You are all welcome to click on the Add a restroom link and give us more information about toilets that we do not know yet. It is our responsibility to help our own people as it will help someone in the future. We should all help each other in this act. It is a basic human right to have necessary facilities wherever they are. We need your help to grow. Please help us.

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