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North America

Welcome to the North American Page. The Current status of the toilets in North America is amazing. 95% of the toilets are in very good condition. This is because the government allocates the necessary funds for the care of this and the local authorities take necessary action to keep the public toilets in good condition. Furthermore, the people who use these public toilets are responsible people. They know the proper rules and regulations and there is also help from the public community to keep these toilets clean. It is an added advantage for the Public toilets in North America. Almost all of these public toilets located in North America are free for use.

Currently our database covers a lot of free public toilets located in North America. We wish to add more details of public toilets as North America is a Large Continent itself. We wish to extend this invitation to all of you who are browsing this page. Help us by clicking on add restroom and add details of the restrooms that you are aware of. Let us help to update the information so that it will be helpful for someone in the future. It is a human right that people get the necessary hygienic facilities in their time of need.

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