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Welcome to the Antarctica page. Antarctica is located in the south pole and it is known as the most southernmost continent in the Earth. It is also known as the coldest, driest and windiest place in the whole world. It is equal as calling it a desert of Ice. The current status of public toilets in this continent is in good state. This is because there is a huge need for toilets compared to other continents in the world. This is simply because of the severe cold weather which is spread throughout the year. Taking this into consideration the authorities have built many public toilets in all the cities in Antarctica. They are in good condition and maintained well for use.

There is some information about the public toilets in Antarctica. We would like to know more about them, and that is where your help is needed. If you have ever visited this place and you know information about the public toilets, you are certainly welcome to click on the add a restroom link and input the information so that it could be helpful for someone someday. It is a human right for all to experience good health facilities where ever they go. So help us in this mission of making people aware about it.

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