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Through this agreement we hope to mention about your participation in our website. Before you use our services such as the tools and the location sharing, you are encouraged to read the terms and conditions carefully. You are guaranteed to abide with the terms and conditions by accessing the facilities of this site. You may not use this website if you do not agree with the necessary rules and regulations which are mentioned by the authorities.


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Through this webpage you are able to find and share information about public restrooms which are located around the world. The following details are prohibited within this site which are a) use this webpage and its services or tools if you are not able to follow the procedure’s mentioned by the site’s terms and conditions, if you are under 18 or if you have been suspended by an administrator from using the services and tools, b) if you post any inappropriate information and articles in our site, c) collecting user’s personal information, d) post inaccurate information such as false locations and misleading information, e) perform any action which could cause damage of the ratings in this webpage.

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All unauthorized services which include framing or linking to other sites will be investigated by the administration and legal action may be taken based on the situation. There are some links which could be entertained within the site and the user is allowed to create hyperlinks to any part within the website itself given that i) you post the which contains the description of the toilet which was submitted by you, ii) you do not take out any advertisements, notices which are subject to copyright in the site, iii) the link does not involve any sponsorship of your webpage and iv) you stop providing links to the site if you received any written notices from us. It is important to check on the copyright notice which is included in the homepage which you wish to link and making sure that the other website does not have any copyright in linking their links on other websites as well.


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