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The purpose of this page is to help you to select a public restroom wherever in the world you maybe. As you see below there are 7 continents displayed. In the future we are planning to cover the whole world. Even when you are traveling with you parents, kids or friends you could use this website and log in through your mobile phone. Emergencies do not inform us ahead, they come in an instant. Our motive is to help you in getting to that restroom fast through our network. You could also help to support our website; you could click on Add Restroom and then add a restroom anywhere around the world if you know the location. This could surely be helpful in the future if a person will be finding for a restroom in an emergency.

With the development of technology, many people use a mobile device which is enabled to log into the internet wherever they are. In emergency of a restroom, people could log on to our website and find the nearest location of a restroom. It is a right for a human being to live a healthy and a stress free life. Through our webpage we expect to achieve this target for all the people in the world and we are hoping to get this service Free of Charge to all, so that all can enjoy benefits of a free and healthy lifestyle. These are all human rights.

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