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Public health care is a great need in the world today. It is always an unexpected moment where you feel like you want to use a restroom and there is none that you are aware of. If you go to a place such as a restaurant or a hotel the probably will charge you for that purpose. Typically their restrooms are free for their customers only. What are you going to do?

An answer for this question has been found. is a website which was started since 2007 as a project of web 2.0. The main purpose through this website is to collect and provide information about no cost restrooms which are available to a person’s location. All of you are welcome to help this website grow by giving your valuable information on the free restrooms which are available in your location.

With the development of technology we have also made this website available as a phone application and for mobile navigational devices. So anyone could log into through any of your devices and receive information where ever you are.

With your input and comments we can grow. Feel free to post your details on

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