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Welcome to the Oceania Page. Most people are aware of this location as the Australian Continent. We have extend it further to Fiji, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and brought all those countries under one page. There are many travellers who travel to these countries around the year. It is necessary to keep them aware about the public toilet facilities in these countries. The current status of the public toilets is in good condition. This is because the governments allocate a good amount for these toilets. They are in good condition and they could be found anywhere around if it is a restaurant, super market, shopping mall or even in the streets where there are several public toilets located in the Suburbs.

Currently there are several entries which are displayed on the map about the locations of the Toilets, and there could be more information. All this could be achieved by your help. If you have any other location which is not listen on the map and you want to share, you are welcome to do so by clicking on Add a public restroom and fill in the necessary form. Someone in the future will benefit from your kind act today. So let us all help each other in making this a reality for each and every one of us.

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